Pet Compressors

PET High Pressure Reciprocating Compressors [Specifications]

11-15 kW / 30 – 37cfm

The ELGI Advantage

Elgi’s high pressure compressors are ideally suited for PET bottle blowing applications which operate with semi automatic machines. While the model HP 20 330S is suitable for the requirements of PET bottle blowing needing working pressure up to 30 bar, the model HP 20 400S addresses blowing applications which need a working pressure of 35 bar since its maximum operating pressure is 40 bar. The latter model precisely meets the requirements of semi automatic PET preform blowing machines for carbonated drinks like soda, etching of shapes in bottles, and other applications which need blowing pressure in excess of 33 bar.

The compressors are designed for operator and plant safety with OSHA standards with twin sided belt guard, sealed safety valves as the compressors operate at higher pressures. Elgi offers these compressors with a host of Elgi �Airmate� downstream accessories such as pre and fine filters, oil moisture separators, refrigerant dryers and vertical air receivers designed to ASME standards.

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